North Korea isn’t Imperial Japan in 1941

Flag of North Korea
North Korea is no Imperial Japan in 1941
Through Clemens Wergin, I noticed an article by David Ignatius at the Washington Post website. In it, he concludes that it isn’t unthinkable that Kim Jong-Un might indeed start a war on the Korean peninsula.

While any fear of war is already outdated, and was so on April 12th, too, by the fact that North Korean soldiers are demobilized in large numbers to work on the fields, Ignatius‘ last conclusion is worth discussing. He wrote:

Is it really possible that Kim and the North Korean military could lead their country toward what would amount to national suicide? Analysts often reject this as an irrational and improbable outcome. But consider this: There was a northeast Asian nation led by a ruler with quasi-divine status, who in league with his military led his country into a reckless and self-destructive war against the United States. That nation was imperial Japan.

So how much can we compare today’s North Korea with Imperial Japan in 1941? Can we really compare the situation in both countries?

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